Our purpose is simple. We assist business owners to become more efficient and excel in their functional business strategy applications.

Meet the team

Marli Steyn

Johann Visser
Human Resource Manager

Providing comprehensive outsourced business solutions. Our team of experts will step in to help your business grow.

Outsource Hub empowers clients with comprehensive outsourced business solutions that provide insight and functional efficiency to help businesses grow. We recruit only the best and most highly skilled professionals to ensure we maximise the value we offer our clients in their finance, human resources, marketing and payroll functions. Organisations benefit through timely access to advice and insight without having to recruit highly trained and experienced full-time staff or carrying the ongoing cost of mid-senior level employees. We have a passion for client service and aim to build long-term relationships with our clients through delivering reliable services that can accurately inform business strategy.

Our specialities


Our customised services enable seamless reporting with a team of qualified financial professionals


Specialised payroll expertise and cloud-based access to software ensure on-time delivery and compliance at all times.

Human Resources

Minimise risk and stay up to date with ever-changing employment and labour laws.


Marketing solutions and tactics that are focused on delivering output in response to your unique needs.